Our Services


Solid and well-defined business processes are essential to your company’s performance. Let our team help you enrich your business results by utilizing our process assessment and optimization services. Our Lean facilitators guide your team through the tools and methodology to help your business succeed long-term. Our president, Rochelle, is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and specializes in applying Lean problem-solving tools in business processes including payroll, accounts payable, customer service delivery and cash management. Using a variety of methods, including quality assurance and root cause analysis, PINK will equip your organization with the problem-solving tools to streamline your business to operate more efficiently.


With so many companies offering similar products and services, it can be hard to stand out in the crowd. Customers are drawn to the new, the unique and the memorable. Your business has the opportunity to innovate and differentiate itself from other companies, products and service offerings.

The team at PINK Consulting can advise you on ways to drive innovation and creativity in your business. Together, through new approaches, expanded opportunities and a unique perspective, we will help you reach unparalleled success in your business.


As a business owner, professional or entrepreneur networking can be the heartbeat of your marketing efforts. Many organizations start with launching social media sites or handing out business cards. Effective networking can transform simply handing out cards to building business relationships. The PINK team will work with your team to ensure your company understands and utilizes networking to its fullest potential. Learn how to turn networking opportunities into active marketing.

PINK will demonstrate tips and techniques on how to turn passive connections into advocates for your business. Discover how to sell not only yourself, but also your business’ accomplishments and uniqueness.

Knowledge Exchange

PINK Consulting believes learning is a two-way exchange and our approach to training moves beyond classrooms, videos and webinars to engaging with our students through collaboration and sharing of ideas and experiences.

With our Knowledge Exchange offerings, we facilitate communication and help your employees learn and work together more cohesively. The true measure of success for information sharing and learning is your team’s ability to apply the knowledge gained; enabling them to strengthened their contributions.

Investing in professional development and personal enrichment for yourself or your team builds helps to build personal satisfaction, engagement and transferable skills. PINK offers Knowledge Exchange programs in Customer Service, Project Management Fundamentals, Contact Center Operations, Shared Services Leadership and Business Process Optimization.